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Moscow, RUSSIA
Owner Dzuba Anastasiya

AMETISTOVAYA SVORA is a small borzoi kennel from Moscow, Russia. Our breeding priority is true Borzoi temperamen, we strive to get proud, noble, delicate and obedient dogs.
The look of Borzoi is important as well and we follow the Russian Borzoi Standard that has a upper height limit. Correct silky coat without undercoat, very dark, almond, expressive eyes, small ears are very important for us too.
In our dog's pedigrees Russian bloodlines are combined with Scandinavian. We chose stud dogs from Finnish kennel Polongain for excellent temperament, strong bones, correct topline, correct silky coat and excellent working abilities: the sire of our Y-Litter Ch. Polongain Akrobat has high score Open Coursing dyplomas for hare and fox.
We breed litters occasionally when we want to keep a puppy. All our puppies are raised in our house, in constant contact with people and adult dogs, so they go to new homes very well socialized.

You can find the information about our breeding plans on Puppies page
You can also see dogs we've bred on Litters page

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